OpenSQL Editor

We have teamed up with Hovitaga, a software development company founded in 2009 located in Budapest, Hungary. Hovitaga focuses on development of add-ons for SAP systems. Its mission is to develop innovative software products for SAP customers to improve productivity, optimize business processes and support decision making.

This blog will feature Hovitaga’s products which can be purchased at a special discounts just for our readers. Mention should you contact them directly.

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Hovitaga Notification System

There are plenty of information at a company which loses its value drastically as time goes on. This means that it’s possible to spare a lot of money if this information is sent to the respective people. This is why it’s critical for an ERP system to notify the employees about critical business and IT operational events as soon as possible. It is also important that the decision makers work with up-to-date data, so receiving key business data on mobile devices can help making good business decisions. Continue reading Hovitaga Notification System

Hovitaga Data Visualizer

Every customer who uses SAP relies on reports. Whether standard ones shipped by SAP or developed specifically for the customer, those are crucial elements of the whole IT solution. Every business process comes down to SAP reports at the end.

Business users use reports throughout their daily jobs and decision makers rely on monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. A very common tool besides R/3 reports is SAP Query. It offers the possibility to build reports without ABAP coding, but at the end data is still displayed with a simple list. Almost all reports have a simple list as an output as well, with very basic features. The user interface of SAP Business Warehouse is still based on Microsoft Excel and it does not offer the latest visualization possibilities. Continue reading Hovitaga Data Visualizer