Security Compliance Suite

We would like to introduce to you a new GRC Suite that may be of interest to you:

The Security Compliance Suite is an SAP-centric application used to manage system compliance, provision temporary authorization for system support, and to manage permanent authorization change requests. The solution includes best practices SOD rule set. It can be initially configured in your system for evaluation purposes in less than 90 minutes.

Module Overview:

Production Access Tool Module
– Request, provision, and track temporary system access for superusers

With this application, Super Users’ base authorization is temporarily enhanced to include requested roles so that they can efficiently resolve production problems. Users can request authorization in hourly increments, which is more appealing for global organizations. The additional roles are automatically added and removed from the user’s profile, eliminating the involvement of Security. The Rich feature set includes sample SOD configuration to accelerate the deployment of the solution.

Competing Solutions: SAP’s Firefighter, Approva’s Access Insight, and Security Weaver’s Emergency Repair

SOD Compliance Manager Module – Set of complimentary tools to automate SOD compliance process

Ensuring compliance with corporate segregation of duties (SOD) policies is an essential component of an effective enterprise security strategy. This configurable solution includes tools to simplify the complex process of analyzing SOD exposure and managing SOD compliance. The entire process from role definition through testing and subsequent care and feeding are supported by this solution.

Competing Solutions: SAP’s Compliance Calibrator, Approva’s Authorization Insight, and Security Weaver’s Separation Enforcer

Security Request Manager Module – Request, track, analyze, and provision permanent security requests

Evaluating the impact of role and user authorization change requests can be a time consuming and complex endeavor. This application supports the requesting, tracking, and analyzing of permanent change requests for end-users and Positions (indirect assignment). Simulation tools allow the security team to quickly assess the SOD impact of user authorization changes and role content changes. The Role Owner and Position Owner functionality allows companies to assign owners and delegates.

Competing Solutions: SAP’s Access Enforcer, Approva’s Access Insight, & Security Weaver’s Access Mgmt Insight

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