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We have teamed up with Hovitaga, a software development company founded in 2009 located in Budapest, Hungary. Hovitaga focuses on development of add-ons for SAP systems. Its mission is to develop innovative software products for SAP customers to improve productivity, optimize business processes and support decision making.

This blog will feature Hovitaga’s products which can be purchased at a special discounts just for our readers. Mention should you contact them directly.

Today’s product presentation is Hovitaga’s OpenSQL Editor:

Currently if a developer wants to see the results of an SQL query, he/she must create a new program and implement the code for the data retrieval and the user interface. This is due to the fact that SAP does not offer an interface where developers could test their SQL commands. Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor fills this gap in the development tools of SAP by providing a feature-packed but easy to use program.

Developers and consultants can create, test and analyze SQL commands on the fly without creating any programs. The result set is displayed immediately with various UI components (list, tree, chart etc). This way SQL queries can be built faster and code quality can be increased by easier and quicker testing. Maintenance efforts can be greatly reduced because of easier identification of database related problems.

SAP customers can benefit from giving Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor into the hands of their SAP IT staff, because all development and maintenance related costs can be lowered significantly.

Contact us for more information or for a free online demo! Please mention our name if you contact Hovigata directly to get a special discount!

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