Hovitaga Notification System

There are plenty of information at a company which loses its value drastically as time goes on. This means that it’s possible to spare a lot of money if this information is sent to the respective people. This is why it’s critical for an ERP system to notify the employees about critical business and IT operational events as soon as possible. It is also important that the decision makers work with up-to-date data, so receiving key business data on mobile devices can help making good business decisions.

What is it good for?

  • Sending business data in regular periods or as a reply of an incoming email or sms
  • Sending alerts to the IT staff when scheduleds jobs fail
  • Communication with clients, for ex. dunning, notifications or confirmations
  • Upon any important or irregular business transaction the person responsible can be notified
  • Sending messages as a workflow step
  • Assign to any Business Object event for notification, confirmation or alerts
  • Any report, SAP Query or form (SapScript, SmartForm, Adobe Form) can be sent asattachment in PDF or Excel format
  • Alerts when a KPI, resource or stock drop below a certain level

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