Gulfmark Offshore: EPI-USE Labs success story

Tackling an SAP HCM Upgrade
Recently GulfMark upgraded their largest region to their Global HCM framework. The project was very high impact and extremely complex, affecting Payroll and Crew scheduling and necessitating an entire payroll transformation. The challenge was how to engage a team that was risk averse and complete the project on time.

Other considerations included the impact of the project on the entire HCM business community. Change Control and an aggressive timeframe were handled with no failure on day-to-day business impact.  After examining a number of options, GulfMark found the EPI USE Labs’ solutions would provide the functionality and completeness they needed. For the copying of HCM data they used Object Sync™ for HR from the Data Sync Manager product suite, and for the parallel testing phase they used Variance Monitor™.
The main obstacle was the amount of time and planning it took to refresh non-production instances. Several weeks of planning and many days of execution were needed prior to the project to refresh the systems. (“It used to be a very tedious process” said Sandeep Pulavarty, the SAP Development Manager.)

All development scenarios were created manually, which naturally took many hours to complete for each scenario. This affected the ability to troubleshoot production problems.

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