Note: 742767: e-Mail Notification for User Expiration

You have setup a procedure where contractors / temporary workers are limited to x number of days to make sure that these users won’t be active for ever. The downside of this procedure is, that someone needs to keep track on these user-ID’s before they expire so that access can be extended ahead of time to make sure users are not impacted.

Best case scenario would be that the access to SAP is in synch with the network ID and communication is setup so that everyone is informed in a timely manner about the upcoming expiration.

However, in many instances this is not the case.

We have setup a InfoSet query and procedure that will send an e-mail with a list of users expiring in x days in PDF format to helpdesk or SAP Security team so that necessary action can be taken to extend or terminate the user-ID. Please note, that this procedure could also be used to generate a list of users that have last logged on 90 days ago.

In order to follow this procedure, you need to have an adequate query or report and setup a printer device as PDF printer with capability to e-mail the output to a specific e-mail address.

Setup a variant that captures the expiration date (or last logon date) for a given time period:

a) User-ID expiring in x days

b) user logged on last time 90 days ago

Once you have setup a (transportable) report variant, you can schedule a background job that runs on a daily basis. Make sure you define the output device as PDF printer and for ease of use, add a title that will show up in the subject line of the e-mail you generate.

Once the report has been scheduled, the support team or helpdesk will get an e-mail with the list of users to be taken care of.

The attached PDF file will contain all the users that will expire (or have not logged on), depending on the purpose of your background job:

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