About us

Our consultants have SAP experience since 1990, having successfully managed SAP© R/2 and SAP© R/3 projects.

During the past +20 years, we have specialized in SAP Security, including Governance Risk and Compliance products, SOX Compliance and now extending our services to functional consulting, project management, mass data loads and extraction, and much more. Our experience includes new implementations, redesigns, GRC Implementations and upgrades for SAP Customers in Europe, LATAM and the US

We always are looking out for our customers and offer solutions that are adding value. Our motto is

Behind every problem, there is a solution!

Coming from a functional background, we understand business requirements from a configuration AND functional point of view as well as from the technical SAP Security aspect. we worked in many industries, such as Banking, AFS, Pharmaceutical and software development, providing our customers with more than just SAP Security consultancy. Thanks to a portfolio of third party solutions and extensive experience in the SAP consulting business, we can offer solutions where others say ‘It is not my area’ or just giving up.

Why should you work with us?

Customers hiring us get more than a SAP Security guy when hiring us as we are able to help out in many areas when additional hands are needed. It can be assistance to some functional configuration issues the team may face, help analyze if third party products are compliant to SAP Security requirements or just to get excellent results fast. We provide more services than the customer are paying for.

Davatec Consulting Presentation

Below a very few Customer Testimonials:

Jon had such a huge influence on this project, and we are so very thankful for all of your work and expertise.

Jon is a knowledgeable professional always ready to help, with a high degree of expertise. The time we have worked together I knew I could always rely on him for the highest level of support. Gioia G.,

Jon is highly professional and an excellent team player. He provides ways to streamline procedures to improve efficiency and customer service. He demonstrates a competent demeanor in performing his job. Jon is able to troubleshoot and resolve work related problems quickly and efficiently. He maintains an outstanding working relationship, even under pressure from others. He is enthusiastic and displays a positive behavior. Altha P.

Jon Davatz is the most experienced and knowledgeable consultant in the SAP security area that I have worked with. Jon is able to give analysis, solutions and outline designs that are simply not available without someone of his background on a project. Jon goes way beyond the basic understanding most consultants have of SAP security with his understanding of the underlying design and proper implementation of SAP security as intended by SAP.  Joseph D.

Jon is one of the most professional and honest persons I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He has extensive experience and great insight.
I highly recommend him for any job. Emilio A., SAP America

It was a pleasure to work with Jon! I learned so much from him and he’s part of the reason why I am so successful as a SAP security analyst today.
I believe that any company will greatly benefit from what Jon’s expertise has to offer. Darryl J.