Security Weaver Validation Workbench

Reduce the time, complexity, and costs of authorization testing


Efficiently address authorization issues before they get into production Validation Workbench from Security Weaver reduces the time it takes to test authorizations and roles while simultaneously improving control over access in production systems. It is an ABAP solution that runs within the SAP environment and thus requires no additional hardware, middleware, or special maintenance skills.


Avoid the tedious and time-wasting requirements associated with authorization testing Access issues can be showstoppers for a business and can determine how users judge the quality of IT. Because complex role designs and missing role assignments are often the reasons behind access issues, they are on the critical path for solving access related problems.

However, because role designs and assignments are considered configuration items, any changes to them need to follow a proper release process, regardless of the time required. For those IT teams who wish to minimize highly visible access issues, authorization testing is mandatory.

However, testing is expensive and can create its own challenges. For example, even before authorizations and roles can be tested, a testĀ  environment must be created. This requires creating test user accounts across systems, establishing passwords that must be changed by testers, and then remembered, reset, and synchronized across systems throughout the testing period. Further challenges arise because of the constant need for communication and coordination between IT operations teams, security teams, and the end users doing the testing. Communication and coordination are hindered, schedules delayed, and tests skipped because of the inevitable ambiguity of what is in scope to be tested, the tediousness of someĀ  tests, and the lack of a single repository for reporting status and capturing issues.

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