Virtual Helpdesk

Remote On Demand Consulting

If you need just a few hours of expert advice or have someone to fill in on demand if someone is on vacation, you can count on us to be here for you. There is no need for you to hire a consultant for a week or two if you just need advice here and there. We offer affordable on demand consulting that can be purchased one hour at a time or a block of hours that can be used when needed. Others charge up to US$275.00/hour – as we do have only little overhead, we can offer you the following packages:

1 Hour Remote Consulting: US$175.00
10 Hours Remote Consulting US$1,600.00 (US$160.00/hour) –
save US$150.00
20 Hours Remote Consulting, US$ 3,000.00 (US$150.00/hour) –
save US$ 500.00
* All purchases are valid for 1 calendar year

Please feel free to contact us for long term engagements or if you are interested in monthly re-occurring engagements.

 On Demand Documents

Our Virtual Helpdesk Self Service offers documentation and program code to address minor issues without having to hire consultants. These resources are available to our customers free of charge.

eMail Notification for expired users

You have setup a procedure where contractors / temporary workers are limited to x number of days to make sure that these users won’t be active for ever. The downside of this procedure is, that someone needs to keep track on these user-ID’s before they expire so that access can be extended ahead of time to make sure users are not impacted.
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Application Component for Objects

I have been asked many times if I could tell what functional area a transaction, program, table etc. belong to. Each time I did a short onsite or online demo for clients I work as a virtual consultant and created a short documentation.
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