Authorization Help

Security Administrators Get the Data They Need When They Need It


Streamline Authorization Requests and Eliminate Research Headaches Authorization Help from Security Weaver reduces the time and energy security administrators spend to resolve access issues. Authorization Help enables both IT teams and end users to be more productive because it automatically captures and shares contextual information, determines the most appropriate roles to be assigned to users, and recommends to both IT and end users peers and model users who currently have the required access.


Increased Productivity: Authorization Help dramatically reduces the frequency of issues and the time needed to resolve them by capturing relevant information, including both error messages and user activities, and then recommending courses of action to both security administrators and end users. Rich data automatically collected and consistently formatted allows for faster identification of the exact access issue and less disruptive communication between IT and users.

Improved User Satisfaction: Too often security policies delay operations.  Authorization Help recommends peers in the user's department who have the necessary access, allowing users to get pressing work done in parallel with having their access request processed.  Authorization Help is also intelligent enough to hide peer recommendations when the request would constitute a segregation of duties (SOD) conflict or sensitive access.

Improved Role Design and Reuse: Authorization Help's model user identification and role recommendations allow administrators to quickly determine if there is an existing role that would appropriately solve an access issue.  These recommendations, coupled with the robust data automatically collected by Authorization Help, increases role reuse, reduces testing issues, and facilitates role design improvements.

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