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Get your company SOX Compliant

What is going on with your Governance, Risk & Compliance initiatives?

Davatec Consulting is offering SAP Security, GRC, Data Load, Single Sign-on and other SAP Consulting services. Many of our consultants have been in the SAP Consulting business for over 18 years and can be a very valuable asset to your SAP initiatives.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you to  improve your SAP Security landscape and support you with your Compliance initiatives.

Password Generator

Due to popular demand from our clients, we have developed two unique password generators that will help you with all your mass user-ID loads or password reset needs. Click here to generate & download 1000's of passwords within seconds.

Biometric SAP Access Control

Most fraud is committed by previously honest people that get into a desperate situation and are tempted by an "unsecured opportunity". SAP User Profiles and critical functions within the SAP System are protected by insecure passwords. It is an "open invitation" to commit Fraud! It is the responsibility of every company to keep honest people honest - especially during these difficult financial times.

Contact us for more information, whitepapers or a demonstration of the product.